Safety Tips When Doing Leather Working

Safety is very important in doing our hobbies and leatherworking is no exception. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced leather worker these 4 tips will still be useful to you.

Wear Protective Clothing

As leather workers we use tools and materials that may unexpectedly cause accidents. Wearing protective googles, thick apron, and steel-toed boots can protect you from any stray material. These are very basic protective gear that will protect you from sharp materials when accidents happen.

Cut & Use Tools With Care

We deal with sharp tools in leather working.  These sharp tools will not only let us cut leather easily, it can also injure us. Always cut away from your body and be careful when using knives, shears or other sharp tools. Finally, never use broken tools as these have a higher chance of accidents happening.


Keep your work area well ventilated. In leather working we sometimes use chemicals such as varnish for our work. Open the windows or doors when handling these materials to let fresh air circulate. Inhaling the fumes of chemicals is a hazard to our health.

Clean Up

Finally, clean up after finishing your project. Put all your tools and excess materials away to prevent accidents from happening. Misplaced tools or materials may injure you or any unsuspecting person that will enter your work area. Especially if you have children living with you, they may mistake your tools for toys and they can hurt themselves.


Do you have any more safety tips? Leave a comment below.



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